From Filmmaker Dan Poole, the man behind cult phenomenon, The Green Goblin's Last Stand, comes the action adventure, The Photon Effect. The film introduces the world to a new and unexpected superhero, Photon: The Human Antenna. But every hero faces villains, even if they include the very person he's spent a lifetime trying to help - but not everyone wants the power to change things.

Synopsis What would you do if the person closest to you started heading down a path you knew wasn't good for him? How far would you go to save him?

Communication Engineers Derek and Jay Powers, two close-knit, adventuresome cousins, are about to find out. While working on an experimental antenna 200 feet off the ground, a malfunction nearly kills them both, and they are determined to find out what went wrong. Their quest sends them straight to the antenna's manufacturer, Randall Communications, Inc. (RCI). But instead of getting answers, they enter a world of confusion and intrigue. It's at RCI that Jay discovers his ex-girlfriend - the "love that got away" - experimenting with electromagnetic consumption on four human subjects codenamed: the "Dial A Hurt" squad. Obsessed, Jay returns to RCI to win her back, only to find himself sucked into the company's devious experiments.

Resentment begins to build between the cousins as a result of Derek's attempts to keep Jay from endangering himself, and a twisted turn of events unfolds. Derek, himself, becomes exposed to electromagnetic energy during an accident caused by Jay. Following the incident, Derek discovers that he is able to emit electromagnetic energy and run at super speeds. Now more determined than ever to uncover the secret behind the antennas, Derek's curiosity leads him to the truth about Jay's involvement with RCI - and fuels his escalating concern about Jay's well-being.

In an effort to save his cousin, Derek sets out to master his newfound abilities so that he can challenge the super human RCI crew head on. But Jay resists, and the two become bitter adversaries - Photon (Derek) vs. The Black Hole (Jay) - each fighting for his own version of what is right.

Will one man's unyielding quest to do the right thing be a strong enough match for an extreme obsession that pushes another man to cooperate with evil? Or will only a painful lesson remain?

About the Filmmaker Baltimore Filmmaker Dan Poole, best known for cult hit The Green Goblin's Last Stand, has been nurturing a passion for comic books and comic book heroes since he was a young boy. That's why he's devoted nearly two decades to creating films in their honor. Until now, Poole has used his authoritative knowledge of classic superheroes and their stories as the basis for these films, but in his latest endeavor, he introduces an original superhero, Photon, a character Poole was born to create.

Since as far back as he can remember, Poole dreamed of one day becoming a Hollywood actor and stunt man that would perform in the great superhero-driven films. But it was as a young adult, when he found out that his favorite superhero's story was going to become a feature length film, that the fire to create his own films was ignited. "It all crystallized for me in 1986 when I found out that Spider-man was going to be made into a film, and I knew, without a doubt, what I wanted to do," remembers Poole. In the years to follow, he would put every resource, every bit of energy, and every body part to the test to make a film that would showcase his abilities. Armed with an authentic Spider-man costume, a friend's video camera, and a vision that no setback seemed to squelch, Poole began shooting footage. The Green Goblin's Last Stand - which would ultimately become one of several superhero-centered films produced by Poole - was born.

In addition to winning over fans from around the globe, Poole quickly developed a reputation for being able to pull off impressive filmmaking feats with humble finances, (The Green Goblin's Last Stand was made for just $400), and he doesn't disappoint in The Photon Effect, though, this time, he was fortunate to have some budget to work with. "We started the film with $50,000, raised more money, and to date, have only spent $117,000," he says, much to the surprise of those who see it. The notable special effects and stunts that are featured throughout the film are each the result of Dan's real-life superpower: taking a dollar and somehow stretching and transforming it into visual gold. As one colleague puts it, "He is the most resourceful person I know, has an incredible drive and ability to inspire and excite the people he works with to make them want to be involved, and knows how to take whatever little he has to draw from to make things happen."

But perhaps the reason Dan Poole has been so successful in turning a little into a lot is because of his genuine gift for storytelling. "I have a sincere love of good stories with good characters," says Poole, "and I feel like I've finally created a character that has the qualities that are not only most attractive to me, personally, but are what I believe audiences will relate to. Now I want to find out if my instinct is right and if this original superhero will be as appealing to them as he is to me."

The Photon Effect is set for release in June, 2010.